Results Based Planning

RBP stands for Results Based Planning, and it’s the nexus where strategy meets execution, tighter supplier integration, and accountable performance metrics. To help our clients implement the kind of programs that grow both sales and brand loyalty, our veteran team of industry insiders provides a seamless set of comprehensive solutions.

Core Planning Solutions

Core Planning Solutions

Core merchandising planning solutions enhance retailer, supplier and food service performance and drive the ability to capture sales and margin growth opportunities. Implementing Radian processes and technology leads to immediate ROI.

  • Store Space and Format Optimization
  • Market Area Sales Planning
  • Category Strategy and Business Planning
  • Price Optimization
  • Promotion and Ad Effectiveness
  • Sales and Profit Optimization
  • Sales and Margin Initiative Planning
Strategy & Research

Strategy & Research - Advisory Services

We help our clients with strategic planning and answer key process, people and technology questions that position them for long-term growth.

  • Business Model and Channel Strategies
  • Customer, Consumer, and Operator Segmentation
  • Geographic and Demographic Store Clustering
  • Merchandising Store and Market Clustering
  • Format and Department Strategies
  • Competitive and Best-in-Class Analysis
  • Consumer and Shopper Research
  • Production, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Strategy and Configuration
Modeling & Analytics

Analytics, Data Management, Modeling & Category Measurement

Radian process, technology, and research solutions allow you to focus on key processes and reduce capital spend. This suite of solutions give you insight not only on how to drive business improvement but on your performance and opportunities for change.

  • Consumer, Channel, and Competitive Research and Insights
  • Category Performance Measurement and Analytics
  • Advanced Visualization and Dashboards
  • Advanced Modeling Technology Solutions that drive business improvement
Strategic Planning & Sourcing

Supplier Partner Planning & Strategic Sourcing

Improved supplier relationships allow you to create tighter integration and to better focus on sales-driving activities. Radian strategic sourcing solutions ensure that strategic suppliers are aligned to business objectives and plans, creating improved sales and profitability for all trading partners.

  • Joint Market, Retailer, Distributor, Supplier Business Planning
  • Supplier – Retailer/Distributor Business Development and Selling Support
  • Supplier-Specific Consumer and Shopper Analysis
  • New Product Introduction Planning
  • Price and Promotion Investment Optimization
  • Initiative Management and Reporting
  • Supplier Training and In-Market Activation
  • Sourcing Support and Process Management Configuration


Radian provides the Retail industry with merchandising, analytical and sourcing solutions that drive sales, margin, and speed to market.

We offer a comprehensive suite of retail planning solutions that fundamentally transform retailer and supplier merchandising processes, organization, technology, and activation capabilities.

Our solutions can be applied to a single store or the entire chain. Radian positively changes the trajectory of our retailers’ performance.



Radian provides Foodservice Distributors and their Suppliers leading-edge planning, analytical, and initiative management solutions to drive improved volume, sales, and margin.

We offer a comprehensive suite of foodservice planning solutions that fundamentally transform distributor and supplier planning processes, organizations, and technology.



Radian provides Suppliers a suite of planning capabilities deployed either internally with our Suppliers or within their Retail and Food Service customer's business.

Our Sales Planning and Execution expertise allows you to better align your products and services to your customers and helps you grow your business Our Program Development and Execution capabilities ensure new products and programs are launched effectively and successfully. Our Ongoing Program and Business Support integrates in to your customers’ category business planning, forecasting, and VMI processes.

With our innovative services, including in-store turn-key selling solutions, event marketing, field team management, and event execution, we drive sales for you and your customers.

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Radian works with its Retailer, Foodservice Distributor, and Supplier clients to align the elements of RBP that best match their business needs. We don't believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We begin by identifying areas of common ground. For example:

  • What are the in-market challenges a supplier’s brand faces?
  • How can a retail banner improve and differentiate the store experience?
  • How can promotional spend be allocated in way that drives category share and menu penetration?

Retailers, Foodservice Distributors, and their Supplier Partners participate in early phases of our unique approach, then rely on our expertise to plan, execute, and measure.

Assessment, Planning and
Proof of Concept

Understand business needs, develop pilot or proof-of-concept, and gain approval to deploy solutions:

  • Understand business objectives, current capabilities and gaps
  • Define process and objective scope
  • Develop pilot and proof-of-concept initiatives
  • Align organization from process refinements and pilot development
  • Business team review and approval

Design and

We configure our RBP processes, technology and training to support your specific objectives.

  • Develop department and category priorities
  • Engage with internal teams to define roles and responsibilities across work streams
  • Integrate supporting analytics into Radian processes and configure Radian RBP models
  • Customize Radian CBP tools and distributed reporting
  • Develop training materials and curriculum
  • Establish detailed deployment plans

Deployment & Preparation
for Implementation

We manage the deployment of RBP processes across your internal organizations and your key trading partners.
Training and organizational improvements are key to delivering business results.

  • Conduct corporate and supplier associate training
  • Communicate and engage with supplier partners; review training materials
  • Roll out new planning and measurement processes
  • Conduct periodic organizational assessment and recommend process changes

Building a more collaborative relationship between suppliers and retailers begins with a better understanding of each other’s business objectives and marketplace dynamics. Once you’ve established trust and alignment, then you can develop and implement plans that fully leverage every stakeholder’s marketing dollar. At Radian, we understand both sides of the table, and our process helps balance the retailer/supplier equation.

“We need help building our internal teams capabilities in category business planning and execution in terms of processes and tools.”

Radian will customize our processes, tools, analyses, and deliverables to meet the retailers’ specific needs and baseline capabilities. We will train the retailer’s category management and sourcing teams on the new processes and go through a planning cycle to ensure effective implementation.

“I need better integration of my suppliers into my planning and execution - we aren't leveraging our suppliers as well as we should.”

Radian works with suppliers to extend our (or the retailers) category business planning to key suppliers. This includes supplier 'summit' meetings, common category measures and analytics, and initiative planning and execution. 

“We need to do a better job on promotion planning and execution - we're not getting the best ROI on our promotional investments.”

Radian assists the retailer in developing the most effective promotion planning structure and process. Radian will then customize our Promotion Analytics toolset to support the process (analytics, elasticity, sales / volume / margin optimization, etc.).

“Our investments in shopper, basket, and consumer research aren't translating to practical action at the shelf level.”

Radian translates the retailer’s shopper information and analytics into department, category, and product plans. Working with the merchandising teams, Radian creates and prioritizes initiatives and implementation plans.

"I need a better competitive strategy against other channel players."

Radian develops effective retailer strategies including competitive position, channel expansion, format strategies, store space allocation, shopper segmentation targeting, and store cluster development.

“Our category plans seem good, but they are not effectively implemented.”

Radian develops and implements category plans across retailer operations, supply chain, Marketing, and participating suppliers. Radian also provides initiative measurement processes and tools to ensure effective execution and oversight.

The Merger

“This category plan provided significant benefits for our customers and the bottom line. We were particularly impressed with the depth of the merchandising plan and the ability to communicate the complete story in a clear and concise way - including the financial impacts.”


The merger of two large retailers required a new, integrated approach to category business planning that addressed both the commonalities and differences in the divisions in terms of customer needs and retailer processes capabilities.


Radian led a nine-week category planning process for Packaged Salads, the client’s top Produce category, integrating input from the recently merged divisions and multiple suppliers. Radian provided assortment optimization processes and tools, promotional effectiveness recommendations, price elasticity modeling, category financial projections and overall project management support.

Project Impact

The implementation of the category plan resolved product gaps in each division’s assortment, promotional frequencies, product bundling and promotional depth, and adjusted value pricing to drive sales and margin growth. Results were substantial: sales growth rates over 7% year- over- year and a 3.3% improvement in margin.

Declining Sales

“I worked with Radian at a previous retailer and knew that they could help our organization work more closely with our strategic supplier partners to develop innovative and successful initiatives that benefit both the retailer and the supplier.”


Sales were declining in a number of fresh categories with no substantial changes in pricing or promotion over the last two quarters. The organization needed some innovative ideas and a better way to measure the impacts of merchandising changes. We selected the fresh chicken category due to an 8% sales decline and the relative consumer importance for meal preparation.


Radian developed comprehensive category analytics and scorecards that exposed the most significant problems for chicken in a single product segment with declining promotional lifts. Radian leveraged our price elasticity tools to develop a new long-term TPR price plan with the appropriate promotional program changes in depth and frequency. Total category sales elasticity analysis exposed potential substitute items where price adjustments were needed to minimize cannibalization and maximize overall category results. Radian worked with the strategic vendor to align the vendor funding to the new promotional and pricing strategies.

Project Impact

This new pricing strategy was implemented and drove a 10% improvement in sales dollars and a 15% improvement in margin for the retailer. At the same time, the strategic supplier saw a 7% increase in units creating a substantial win for this new collaboration model.

Promo Planning

“We leveraged Radian’s expertise in promotion optimization to drive real benefits. Radian enhanced their promotion optimization tool set to work within and across our information systems, saving us time and money. This allowed us to get benefits much faster than other potential solutions.”


Lack of a robust promotional planning process, appropriately defined financial controls and the ability to optimize promotional prices for a regional retailer, was causing an inefficient use of promotional investment and significant margin pressure.


Radian implemented a promotional planning process with formalized roles and responsibilities throughout the organization and spanned annual, quarterly, period and weekly planning horizons. In addition, Radian utilized its 3P OptimizerTM software to provide promotional price recommendations for all potential weekly ad and TPR promotions, optimizing sales and profitability financial metrics. Radian’s 3PO analytics and optimization process considers past and planned deal information and historical sales and margin data to develop more effective promotion plans.

Project Impact

The implementation of the new promotional planning process, underpinned with more rigid financial controls, and the extensive use of the item-level price optimization resulted in a 200 basis point reduction in the overall promotional investment rate, leading to a significant improvement in margin rate and net margin dollars.

Integrated Strategy

“Radian has been a great partner in re-architecting our merchandising vision and establishing core business process and planning capabilities. Their expertise in food retailing and their analytically-driven approach to support my teams – from strategic planning through implementation -- has resulted in significant, measureable sales and margin benefits.”


Sales declines during the recession created significant challenges for this retailer as they had no formal category business planning process and needed to adjust to the new consumer requirements and expectations.


Radian established a formal category planning process and supported an accelerated approach for critical categories (in addition to long-term staff training and support). Radian developed and utilized store clustering to customize the assortment and adjust the plan-o-gram for improved shopping ease of their quality tiers and brands. This assortment ‘overhaul’ was integrated with a comprehensive category pricing and promotional strategy.

Project Impact

For the coffee category, the team developed new own brand products to add lower price point expectations. Key growth categories were expanded including single cup, ethnic, and organic products. Along with pricing and promotion changes, this resulted in a 12% improvement in sales and eliminated the gap to the market trend while increasing the net margin trend by over 28%.

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