Our Retail focused capabilities utilize a combination of industry experience, comprehensive suite of proprietary, data-driven analytics and solutions that fundamentally transform go-to-market strategies, business processes and organizational capabilities.

Better Capabilities,
Better Performance

Retailers that invest in merchandising and improved in-store execution capabilities are winning with their customers. Improved category strategies, planning and fact-based initiatives are better supported both internally and by business partners. Intentional, well-executed strategies and growth initiatives lead to improved sales, store image and customer loyalty.

Radian identifies your baseline capabilities and the investment needed in the right go-to-market approach, customer and supplier initiatives and business analytics to drive sales and profitability.

Differentiate and Win with Perishables

Consumers prefer to cook, shop and plan around key fresh department categories such as beef, produce and bakery. We have cultivated strategic relationships with fresh category suppliers and almost all of our practitioners have significant merchandising or operational experience in fresh. Let us develop a fact-based, go-to-market strategy with the right support to help you grow sales, market share and customer loyalty.

Winning in the Meat Department

Our research and experience highlight that a retailer’s fresh meat department drives the center-of-plate purchase, store choice and customer loyalty. Radian’s tailored in-store experience and category toolset make the design, launch and successful growth of your fresh meat department easier than you might think.

The Radian Difference

By partnering with Radian, retailers have optimized their merchandising capabilities and improved their internal business cultures to focus on growth. Our clients have also strengthened their business partner relationships and seen improved financial and customer performance. Our retail approach is:

We do great work


Our approach, tools and analytics are transparent. You will understand the “why” behind our recommendations and solutions.

We do great work

Strategic and Sustainable

We work with and help train your people. Successful strategies and sustainable growth requires your team buying into our collaborative solutions as their own.

We do great work


We deliver plans that are intuitive, executable and backed by rigorous analysis and research.

We do great work


We measure the success of what we do. Measurement, reporting and corrective action is always part of our client partnership.

What our Partners Say

“Consumer Ready Fresh Meat allows my department to have the items we just couldn’t cut at each store every week because of the complexity and demands of the entire department. Now our sales are up and my shoppers get what they want when they want”.

The Way Forward

Rushing to action without clear priorities and an intentional understanding of the market is likely to falter. Investing in measured, proven success is a strategy that pays for itself. Schedule a friendly discussion with our team to learn more.