Consumer Research and Market Analysis
Consumer Research and Market Analysis
Developing the right growth strategy and action plans requires a foundational understanding of consumer needs, wants and preferences. Radian’s approach strikes a balance between rigorous primary and consumer research with insights from our wide range of industry relationships. This approach enables us to bring data and information to life through real world, actionable insights.
Our Capabilities

Consumer Research

  • Radian excels at leveraging data and information already available from internal and reliable third party sources. As needed, we can also design and execute primary quantitative and qualitative research addressing highly specific topic areas. Regardless of source, our research is always geared towards driving actionable opportunities for our clients.

Market Intelligence

  • Our promise is clear and unbiased perspectives on the market. How are shoppers’ needs, wants and preferences evolving? What channels and competitors are emerging? What is the near-term and long-term outlook for supply and demand? How will this impact your cost, pricing, or opportunities? Radian’s senior practitioners answer these questions in terms our clients understand to help them make business decisions quickly and with confidence.

Competitive Assessment

  • Understanding your competitors’ go-to-market approach can be a critical part of developing your own. Radian’s experienced practitioners can quickly perform market or category “deep dives” that assess your competitors’ merchandising strategies and tactics (assortment, brands, quality tiers, space, pricing and private label). While we can do this for any category, Radian brings unique and rooted industry expertise in fresh categories (Meat, Produce, Deli and Bakery).