Sales & Business Development Support
Sales & Business Development Support
With our help, clients drive growth in their current markets and explore new channels, products and customers.
Our food industry and CPG experience allows us to quickly identify and prioritize the best growth opportunities for our clients. Radian’s team embeds with yours to develop sales and marketing plans and initiatives around those opportunities.
Our Capabilities

Market and Competitive Analysis

  • Our team helps clients understand the size and composition of current and potential markets. In addition to detailed research, our senior practitioners also leverage industry relationships to add behind-the-scenes insights to help clients understand how attractive, competitive, complex and profitable specific opportunities may be.

Sales Strategy Development

  • What is our value proposition? How are we different or better than our competition? What product attributes and capabilities do our current and target customers value the most? Radian helps clients clearly answer these questions and build specific, successful sales strategies and go-to-market approaches around those answers.

Sales Planning and Prioritization

  • In today’s complex and competitive food landscape, sales and market share growth don’t happen by themselves. But where and how to begin is a daunting prospect for teams with already full workloads. Radian’s pros and toolsets allow for quick and efficient analyzation of your customer and product portfolio. Our collaborative approach drives organizational alignment to ensure Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations understand the who, where and why of how resources and investment will be deployed.

Sales and Marketing Messaging and Content Development

  • Radian’s deep and diverse retail and foodservice industry experience is put to work to help clients develop and refine their value proposition. Our senior practitioners re-craft our client partners’ legacy brands, products, and collateral materials to better tell a story relevant to today’s customer. The trust of our clients is not taken for granted and we’re proud of brand heritages we’ve been part of.

Sales Execution Support

  • A great go-to-market strategy and sales plan are foundational elements. But in our experience, it’s simply not enough to guarantee success. That’s why many of our clients embed Radian’s team and capabilities directly into the everyday fabric of their sales units. Whether it’s field research, background presentation materials or standing side-by-side with you in front of a customer, our people bring the experience, credibility, capabilities and willingness to make you more successful.