Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Drive sales with a focus on tighter integration with improved supplier relationships.
Radian’s strategic sourcing solutions ensure that critical suppliers are aligned with your business objectives and plans, accelerating improved sales and profitability.
Our Capabilities

Strategic Supplier Assessment

  • Success today requires that retailers and foodservice companies be well-aligned with their suppliers on the total offering: product, packaging, price and service. Radian understands that supplier capabilities and relationships can create a strategic advantage to your business. That’s why our approach to evaluating suppliers includes standards for product attributes, packaging specifications, delivery and inventory service levels as well as capabilities (innovation, unique items, R&D, capacity, speed-to-market, etc.). And, of course, cost. Our objective is to connect you with business partners that can contribute to growing sales with your customers.

RFP Support

  • Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs) are, and will continue to be, a method for retailers and foodservice distributors to engage prospective suppliers. Radian’s food industry experience and sourcing expertise allow us to support and add value to both sides of the RFP process. For retailers and foodservice distributors, Radian brings a muscular toolset that includes RFP design and quantitative and qualitative information evaluation methods. For suppliers, we help you identify the key sources of value, quality and service to help differentiate your brands and items. Our senior practitioners have the experience to support RFPs in branded and private label. Our RFP support is especially impressive in signature fresh categories such as meat and seafood, produce, prepared foods and bakery.

Procurement Support

  • Radian capabilities extend into your daily, ‘real world’ activities to ensure customers receive your products when and where they need them. Our procurement specialists translate your supplier decisions into the detailed forecasts, store/distribution center orders and supplier-specific POs you need to support a smooth supply chain. Radian’s tested procurement business processes and tools make information sharing and collaboration between retailers and suppliers more efficient and productive. Let Radian demonstrate how we can support complex categories that require expertise and provide you a more efficient procurement team solution.