Strategy & Advisory Solutions
Strategy & Advisory Solutions
We position you for long-term growth by refining your strategic direction and core value proposition. Deeply experienced in today’s highly complex and competitive food and beverage industry, Radian’s team finds new successes for our clients through strategic, intentional go-to-market approaches and implementation roadmaps that align sales, merchandising and operations teams. Our approach is fact-based and provides your management team with the market insights, solution alternatives and cost-benefit analysis to make the best decisions for your business.
Our Capabilities

Go-to-Market and Growth Strategies

  • Deciding on target markets, customer outreach and product selection is the most important responsibility clients entrust to Radian. Our clients expect us to think, analyze and rigorously formulate go-to-market approaches that allow them to compete and grow. Developing the value-proposition, brand messaging, competitive positioning, organizational requirements and financial impacts are all areas in which Radian offers support. We help our clients effectively direct resources and investment and focus their teams on common goals and objectives.

Customer Segmentation and Market / Store Clustering

  • Radian helps clients identify the precise needs, wants and preferences of specific target markets, stores or shoppers. Our approach combines industry research and advanced analytics with “real world” interpretation of consumer need states. Clients count on Radian to identify, prioritize and quantify the practical upside and operational requirements of activating customer segments and clusters in their markets, categories or stores.

Product Portfolio Assessment

  • Consumer preferences are always evolving and doing so at an even faster rate. Radian advises clients on how to ensure their food and beverage products stay one step ahead of the preference trends. Our methodology includes rigorous review of current item sales, penetration and profitability performance, as well as a competitive assessment of other retailers and suppliers. Our insights and recommendations will help you balance both current and new products to optimize growth, profitability, operational complexity and customer loyalty.

Operations Strategy

  • Depth and breadth of supply chain expertise is a Radian legacy. Our experience includes review and improvement of production and distribution processes for some of the largest and well-known names in food, beverage, retail and foodservice. Radian’s subject-matter experts help clients make substantial, $1 million to $1 billion capital, technology and infrastructure decisions. Our focus is on improving speed-to-market, differentiated customer-facing capabilities and increased productivity.