Supply Chain & Inventory Management
Supply Chain & Inventory Management
Radian’s beginnings were in support of food manufacturing supply chain and operations teams. This legacy of deep expertise underpins our ability to comprehensively help our clients all the way to the point of sale. Through innovative analytics and planning tools, experienced team members and active collaboration between retailers and suppliers, we take supply chain and inventory management to the next level.
Our Capabilities

Production and Distribution Capacity Analysis

  • Radian’s supply chain and operations legacy allows us to quickly understand the importance and scrutiny put on capital investment and expenditures. Our industry expertise and quantitative methodologies allow us to provide clients with highly detailed financial analysis, targeting the most relevant production and distribution alternatives. Radian’s strategic alternatives are grounded in real world understanding of how your products, facilities and distribution capabilities are positioned against key customers and competitors both tomorrow and well into the future.

Network Assessment and Optimization

  • Scale, complexity, and level of investment in food and beverage production and distribution infrastructure periodically requires a fresh look to ensure its sustainability and identify opportunity. Radian views supply chain networks through strategic, financial and operational lenses. This cross-functional prism allows us to provide actionable, aligned network optimization analyses and recommendations on the size, type and location of new facilities.

Forecasting and Demand Planning

  • Radian’s product planning and flow management have made us an integral part of many Merchandising and Supplier teams. Utilizing both “art” (fresh food industry experience) and “science” (big data and predictive analytics), Radian’s trusted partnership helps retailers and suppliers manage their procurement, production and distribution activities across the nuances of weekly and monthly cycles, retail pricing, and complementary/substitute item interactions.

Inventory Management

  • We execute large-scale, complex inventory management processes for both retailers and suppliers. Our practitioners have both the experience and tools to manage in-stock service levels, perishable item days-on-hand and carrying costs in either stable or the heavily promoted (“high-low”) environments. Our support and capabilities in this area include finished goods items, raw materials and packaging supplies.